Glenn Suravech is an engineer and producer who works with Asian American musicians in Los Angeles and musicians around the world.


Glenn Suravech

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Music Producer


Grammy-nominated artists 

  • Jackson Browne

  • Bob Dylan

  • Ben Harper

  • Crosby, Stills & Nash

  • T-Bone Burrnett

Asian Am Indie Artists

  • Priska

  • DANakaDAN

  • Abe Lagrimas, Jr.

  • Jennifer Zhang


  • Shin Kawasaki

With 20 years of audio experience and having cut his teeth as an engineer at rock legend Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters Studio, expert engineer and music producer Glenn Suravech helps talented and innovative musicians break new ground through stunning audio and stake their place in the music industry.

Engineering Expertise

In the engineering realm, Glenn has lent his expertise to an impressive array of albums that include Grammy-nominated records by the likes of Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan. While at Groove Masters, Glenn worked with a great deal of high profile talent including, Ben Harper, Dawes, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, Los Lobos, T-Bone Burnett and Ry Cooder. Glenn also assisted on several recordings, albums and soundtracks of renowned engineers and producers including: Peter Asher, T-Bone Burnett, Elliot Scheiner, Niko Bolas, Mike Piersante and David Bianco, to name a few. 

Glenn studied recording engineering at UCLA’s Entertainment Studies program, and is certified by the University of California in the field of recording engineering. In the studio, along with learning from the exceptional talent at Groove Masters Studio, Glenn has also learned from and worked with many Grammy-Award winning engineers including Andrew Scheps, Ted Greenberg and Pablo Munguia.

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Experience with Modern & Vintage Microphones

  • Neumann

    • U47

    • 47 FET

    • U67

    • KM84

    • KM86

    • M269

    • SM2

    • SM69

  • Telefunken

    • ELAM 251

  • AKG

    • C12

    • C24

    • C12A

    • C414 EB & ULS

    • 451 E

  • RCA

    • 44

    • 77DX

    • SK50

Asian American music producer and engineer

Work in large & medium format studios

  • NRG

  • East West

  • Sunset Sound

  • Dave’s Room

  • Stagg Street Studio

  • Entourage

  • Clear Lake Audio

  • Groove Masters

  • Steakhouse Studio

  • Seahorse Sound Studios

  • House of Blues Studio

  • The Lair

  • Sonikwire

  • Reeds Recordings

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Experience on modern & vintage mixing desks

  • Neve

    • 8068

    • 8078

    • 8088

  • SSL

    • 9000J

    • 4000G

    • Duality

  • API

    • Legacy

  • Trident

    • 80B

    • A Range

Control Surfaces

  • Avid

    • D-Control

  • Digidesign

    • Pro Control

    • Control 24

Trusted producer

"Production is a process or a journey for me. When an artist comes to me to create an album with my company, time and much care go into budgeting and selecting the appropriate means including studios and musicians to make that record a reality. My approach to recording sound is directly related to what I learned at Groove Masters and from the mentorship of the many great artists and engineers that I have had the honor to work with. While it has become easier for people to create and produce music with the use of new technologies, my approach is to blend my knowledge of old-world recording (analog) with the new tools and equipment that is available today." -Glenn Suravech

stylistic Range

Glenn continues to successfully nurture independent artists into the next stages of their musical careers under the MSR (Mosaic Sound Recordings) production, working with a wide variety of musical styles and genres including folk, hip hop, electronica, world, and more. He has the ability to embrace and elevate a range of eclectic musical styles by recording, mixing and releasing albums by independent artists whose talents warrant the finesse, artistry and meticulous expert touch that Glenn lends to every musical project he produces. Check out the variety of artists, styles, and songs Glenn has worked with on the Work page.